New and shiny website just published for the South of North achitectural exhibition and seminar series

The South of North project is dedicated to discussion on and presention of works built by different actors from northern countries realized in developing environments. The project enables the design teams to set the architecture under critical examination: what does our nordic background bring to the projects? Is there a nordic indentity in the buildings without us realising it? When is a building the right answer and what should be considered before realizing one?

The first miniseminar will be held in Helsinki in the Fall 2013. We'll keep you posted on the dates and details as soon as they are set.

Ukumbi is one of the main organizers for the project. Contact person for the project is Inari Virkkala, ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

Saija Hollmén from Hollmén Reuter Sandman Architects gave a lecture in the Department of Architecture of Oulu University, Finland on Feb 25, 2013.

Jenni Reuter from Hollmén Reuter Sandman Architects held a lecture at the Architecture Conference 361 Degrees in Mumbai, India in March 2013. See program at


Ukumbi has opened a webshop selling beautiful calendars and christmas cards! Go see what we have to offer at

You can also check out the preview of the calendar at the Donate-section.

This year's profits are directed to the building of Kouk Khleang Youth Centre. In the future there will also be donation gifts available for the ongoing projects.


Noora Aaltonen, Tuuli Kassi and Hilla Rudanko present Ukumbi in Megapolis 2027 event in Kiasma, Helsinki on 6th October at a session starting 2:30 pm. Welcome!


Go and see the exhibition about the APE project in Cairo at the Helinä Rautavaara museum in Espoo:
"Masters of Recycling - Learning centre for the zabbaleen of Cairo" 26.9.2012-6.1.2013.

The WeeGee Exhibition Center, Ahertajantie 5, Espoo
Open: Tue 11 -18, Wed 11-20, Thu-Fri 11-18, Sat-Sun 11-17.


Hollmén Reuter Sandman Architects travel to Moshi, Tanzania in October 2012 to develop the KWIECO project. The site is bought and the design process will begin.

Hollmén Reuter Sandman Architects received the Asko Avonius prize for their work, especially for promoting the values behind Ukumbi. As reasons for the prize the foundation mentions the group’s social responsibility and the cultural context on which the group bases its design work, which results in new, significant architecture.

Hollmén Reuter Sandman Architects, the founders behind Ukumbi, were invited among others to present a model of a conceptual “house” that reflects their personal philosophy of architecture in Venice Biennale opening next week:

The site has been filled and the first holes for the foundations of the Kouk Khleang Youth Center by KOMITU team have been dug in Kouk Khleang community near Phnom Penh airport. We expect the building to be completed during year 2012.